Reasons to Hire your Own Defense Attorney

Individuals who have been arrested are offered two options. They can either choose their own legal representation or have the government provide them with an attorney for their trial.

In most cases, individuals who go for the latter usually have no choice as a result of their financial constraints, while some lack the necessary knowledge involving the significance of the alternatives available to them. In rare instances, some people simply choose a free representative as a means of cutting back on their expenses, even when they can actually afford the costs involved. However, it is wise to always opt for private representation whenever possible, and seeking a public defense lawyer should be the last resort for any defendant.

Some of the reasons to hire one’s own legal representation is the best option available includes:

Enhanced Number of Options

Individuals who want a Houston criminal defense attorney can choose from a wide variety of options available in the market according to their particular needs and concerns. Attorneys that are provided by the government do not come with such leisurely alternatives, and in most cases, a defendant will simply have to make do with the person who takes up their case as they do not have much of a say in the matter. It should be noted that no prior consultation is held with an individual before their case is given to a public representative, and one just has to accept the decision that has been made.

Quality Representation

In most cases, the lawyers available from the pool of public defenders at a court’s disposal do not offer the same level of quality as that available in the private field. This is because most talented attorneys choose to focus on the private sector when guiding their career path, and thus are not available to individuals who opt for government-assisted representation. These individuals are also not very well known, meaning finding information on their past cases with the aim of determining one’s chances of success can be a complicated task.

Enhanced Consideration and Involvement

Public defenders can tend to be a bit brisk with their clients as these individuals are not responsible for their payment. Thus their opinion regarding the services involved does not matter to them. In some cases, a lawyer might even continually urge an individual to accept a particular deal that has been placed on the table during negotiations to shorten the amount of time they have to devote to the trial. A private criminal lawyer will take their client’s needs and concerns into consideration when dealing with such matters, as the individual involved has more of a say regarding the options on offer that have been put forward by the opposing counsel.


Private legal representation will no doubt feature higher levels of motivation as compared to their public counterparts as a result of their reputation, which is at stake during every trial. Public defenders do not worry about such matters as their track record will not affect the number of clients they will receive in the future, as the government rarely considers such issues when handing out new cases to this group of attorneys.

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