Passion for Law and Entrepreneurship at Excello Law Firm

Excello Law is the embroilment of the ideal law firm for the future. It is unlike traditional law firms with bureaucracies and constraints. Here, lawyers run their sole ventures, backed by the resources of a large firm. Excello lawyers set their fee structure. After that, they earn a substantial portion of their profits. Consequently, they are in control of what they earn.

Excello Law has more benefits that make it an attractive operating base for legal entrepreneurs who want to build successful ventures.  The application of agile practices by the firm enables lawyers to have full control over their careers.

Your Success Defines You

The firm provides Practise infrastructure and lawyer support for a legal practice such as technology, paralegal & admin, document management and PII & compliance. You use this tools and infrastructure to grow your client base, set fee structure and manage your time.  Thus, your success is yours and not the firms. A salary will not define you.

Community of Successful Lawyers

Excello Law is a community of best lawyers working in numerous careers in law. You will find lawyers who specialise in all categories of law. Consequently, collaborations come as second nature. Over 40% of files opened by the lawyers every single year are referrals. Thus, even without seeking clients, once you enter the system, it rewards you with leads.

There is an incentivised referral scheme in place that encourages collaborations. In addition, Excello lawyers are good-natured and understand the value of relationships. They never hesitate to refer people seeking legal services, to lawyers in the firm. If you land a big case, you get to pick colleagues from an unequalled pool of experts. Excello’s robust platform will support and manage your own business.

Offer Clients Quality and More Value for Their Money

George Bisnought, Founder, and Managing Director, created the unique platform with the aim of offering clients value for money and quality. Through Excello, you grant clients the same. With a strong lawyer support and tools to develop your practise you only invest your time.

If you have dreamed of going it alone, it has never been this easy. You win, and your clients win too. In the process, you make a comfortable living.  There are no billable hour targets and no restrictions. You pay for what you use.

How Excello Lawyers Operate

At Excello, you do not have to come to the office. The office and be your home. If there is no room, you can base your practice at one of Excello Staffed, City offices. They have desks and corporate offices where you can hold meetings with clients. The city offices are strategically located with favourable transport links. You can work from Chester, Leeds, Liverpool, or London.

Set your at Excello and start building your fortune. You are not to be defined by an average lawyer salary from a firm. Entrepreneurship is the future. You will love the freedom and benefits.

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