Four Common Health Problems Construction Workers are at Risk Of

People who work in the construction industry are prone to accidents and injuries. In fact, they could acquire health-related problems. If you are a construction worker, being aware of these illnesses could help you take some precautionary measures.

Here are the most common illnesses construction workers are at risk of:

Respiratory Disease

Construction workers are at risk of acquiring construction-related respiratory diseases that tend to worsen because they breathe hazardous chemicals and substances. For instance, those who constantly inhale asbestos could develop lung cancer and mesothelioma. Contractors and designers know which materials have asbestos and buildings constructed before 2000 may have the substance. Therefore, workers should know all the things about the structure to avoid disturbing the chemical in the site. Respiratory diseases that are common in construction workers include serious lung diseases and occupational asthma.

Skin Inflammation

Construction workers are in a constant contact with certain materials can acquire skin inflammation called dermatitis. Symptoms of this illness include skin dryness and itching. Construction workers should take safety measures to avoid being exposed to harmful substances.

Impaired Hearing

Construction workers who are exposed to loud noise on a regular basis could have an impaired hearing. A hearing problem could make a safety risk if this prevents workers from maintaining effective communication with other workers or hearing warning signals.

Mental Health Issues

Construction workers have demanding jobs that can take a toll on their physical and mental health. Being under lots of pressure, workers could experience anxiety or depression. Such psychological problems may make it hard for them to do their job properly and effectively, that can be risky in a field where safety is critical.

These health issues can endanger a construction worker’s health and well-being. Thus, employers should take responsibility to make and maintain a safe working environment as well as educate their workers on the proper use of safety equipment. This helps them avoid dangerous injuries and health risks that could be fatal. However, the negligence of employers and their failure to protect their workers could lead to devastating consequences.

If you have acquired any of the diseases from work as a construction worker, making a compensation claim can help you relieve the stress associated with the claim process. A personal injury lawyer will help you get the most favorable compensation by negotiating with your employers or representing you in court if your employer refuses to compensate you.

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