A Guide to Dealing with Divorce Proceedings

Relationships can be tricky at the best of times, and in the event your marriage feels like it has reached a natural termination, divorce might be the best solution for all parties. Having pooled your emotional and physical resources for so long, if you feel it is time to end the marriage, a divorce is the best for both parties, and if you are about to head down that road, here is some good advice to help make the transition a smooth one.

  • Be Certain of your Intentions – Filing for a divorce is not something to be taken lightly, and just as you made those solemn vows on your wedding day, you are now ending the partnership. Relationships can be incredibly complex, and it is hard to know when to let go, but if you have discussed things with your partner, and you both agree to go your separate ways, a divorce is the obvious choice.
  • Seek Legal Advice – Once the decision has been made to end the marriage, you really should talk to an experienced divorce lawyer, who can give you the best advice from the very outset. If a person happened to be looking for divorce lawyers in Yorkshire, for example, an online search would be the best way to source expert legal counsel. Try as we light, it is almost impossible to remain emotionless when you are going through a divorce, and your solicitor can help by making sure you fully understand the circumstances, and will help you to come away with a satisfactory outcome regarding asset division.
  • Child Custody – Of course, parenting should be a shared role, and usually it is possible to agree on a timetable that gives both parents adequate time with their child. When the divorce is being prepared, emotions can be high, and arguing with your partner about custody arrangements can often aggravate things, but if you have an experienced solicitor, they will handle all communications, and with logic and reason prevailing, a satisfactory outcome is likely. Ideally, once you have had the initial consultation with the solicitor and they have agreed to represent you, all further communication with your partner should be from your lawyer.
  • Division of Assets – The family home is likely a co-purchase, and in that case, both parties need to decide what steps should be taken. The home could be put up for sale, and any equity equally shared by both parties, or on the other hand, one party might want to retain the property and offers an agreeable amount to have the property turned over to them. The marital assets are accrued for the duration of the relationship, and if both parties agree, the assets can be shared.

All parties, including the lawyers, of a divorce proceeding will make every effort to come to a mutually satisfactory outcome, as court time is very expensive, and if it is at all possible, there should be negotiations between the man and woman in order to avoid the courtroom, and a good lawyer will do their utmost to ensure that things are settled amicably, and have their clients’ best interests at heart.

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