5 Reasons you Might Need the Services of a Criminal Lawyer

Aside from the undertaker, a criminal lawyer is perhaps the one person you do not want in your life, yet crimes are committed, and more importantly innocent people are sometimes charged. There are many types of criminal charge, and for those who are interested, here are just a few of the types of criminal charges a person might encounter.

  1. Homicide or Manslaughter – Perhaps the most serious of crimes, if a person is charged with either of these offences, it is imperative to seek out legal advice immediately. It is a person’s right to have access to a criminal lawyer in the event of being charged, and whether you need a defence lawyer in Perth or Sydney, an online search will bring up a list of potential law firms who can assist you in your defence.
  1. Drug Related Charges – If you are arrested on suspicion of carrying or using illegal drugs, this could have a serious impact on your life, with sentences ranging from a small fine to a lengthy prison sentence, depending, of course, on the circumstances. It is essential that you seek out an experienced lawyer from the very outset, and hopefully, they can assist you in building a solid defence, and the outcome will be acceptable.
  1. Assault – This could be in the form of “grievous bodily harm” or “occasioning bodily harm”, and an experienced lawyer would be the best person to help you with your defence, which would begin by deciding how to plead against the charge. There may, or may not, be witnesses to the alleged crime, and with the high possibility of CCTV coverage, often, the accused is acquitted due to insurmountable evidence, yet you would need a good lawyer to argue your case.
  1. Fraud – This might include theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, handling stolen property, or even money laundering. Bribery is a charge that falls under this category, as does any kind of fraudulent behaviour in government matters, such as forging signatures or submitting false documentation. You might have sold something and the buyer feels you acted fraudulently, and in this case, the buyer could make a formal complaint to the police, which might lead to you being summoned to appear in court.
  1. Traffic Offences – This might include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and dangerous or reckless driving (whether or not there are any injuries). In the event you are arrested for a motoring offence, it is wise to contact a lawyer immediately, and if you do not have the contact number of such a lawyer, the police will give you access to an appointed lawyer who will represent you, should you agree.

While it is hoped you never need the services of a criminal lawyer, it is a good ideal to source such an expert, and store their number in your smartphone, as you never know when you might need it.

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