4 Tips When Filing a Hit and Run Claim

If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, there are several things that you need to do during and after the accident that is essential to support your claim. Apparently, the legal approach and recovery procedure requires a lot of effort compared to ordinary traffic accidents. That is because the defendant’s identity is vague or yet undetermined.

In this case, it is important for you to know the necessary guidelines that can support your hit and run claim.

Collect and Present Essential Information for Evidence

One of the most important pieces of evidence that you need is a witness statement. Identify possible witnesses who were present in the accident. It can be any employees, customers, or passersby that saw the incident. Once you have accomplish that, the next step is to ask for their names and contact details. The account of an eyewitness regarding the accident can prove to be a powerful evidence.

Yet another essential information is the details of the accident. Such information includes the location, time, and images of the accident scene. Make sure any damages caused by the accident has been covered.

You would also have to supply other essential information such as identifiable characteristics and features of the culprit. This includes the following:

  • The direction of the culprit’s vehicle taken after the hit and run
  • The physical features of the driver
  • Any identifying characteristics of the car
  • The model, make, color, and license plate number of the vehicle

Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you all the legal options you can take. This includes the pursuit of a lawsuit and the filing of your insurance claim. Your lawyer can also manage all aspects of the case including the negotiation of your compensation and the investigation of your accident. When it comes to cases like this, no one understands the process better than a personal injury attorney. If you are in need of such service and do not know where to start, click here.

Get a Police Assistance

A police report is one way to strengthen your claims. All accounts taken by law enforcers are considered valid by the law. Not only can they can help you track the culprit, they can also provide reports regarding the accident. In other words, a police report is regarded as an official record of what happened and it will eventually help determine who was at fault.

Seek for a Medical Attention

Injuries suffered from the accident is one of the major pieces of evidence that you can present. Getting a medical evaluation allows you to obtain medical records and documents that you can use to support your claims. This data can help you pursue compensation for the accident.

Ending Note

One out of five road accidents are recorded as hit-and-run cases, according to federal data. Fleeing from the scene of a car accident is considered illegal, but it is still happening on a large-scale. Many drivers escape from the incident either because they panic or they just do not want to get involved even if they are at fault. As an involved party, it is important that you know what to do when filing a hit and run accident. For more legal advice, it wiykd be best to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

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